Rivaldo Exclusive: Icardi and Neymar make PSG Champions League contenders

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    Rivaldo Exclusive: Icardi and Neymar make PSG Champions League contenders
    Mauro Icardi and Neymar could create a devastating partnership at PSG, says Betfair Ambassador Rivaldo. Our man also discusses La Liga and salutes a Liverpool forward in champions league predictions.


    By signing the excellent striker Mauro Icardi and keeping Neymar, Paris Saint Germain have strengthened in the transfer window. They now have an impressive attack and, when all their stars are fit, they'll be very dangerous, not only in domestic French football but in the Champions League.

    PSG have never won European football's biggest prize which is one reason why they're as long as 12.00 this year. With their high quality players, they cannot be ignored as serious contenders lớn win the competition this season.

    I believe Neymar will really try to prove his value in his third season as a PSG player and only a great European performance could ensure that, so this is a team to be seriously considered this time- According to the soccer tips every day page!


    PSG have the right not lớn sell Neymar for any price
    I think PSG tried lớn find a solution for Neymar this summer but the offers they received probably didn't meet their expectations - with money plus players in exchange - and their directors have the right lớn decline any offer they don't like. They spent 222m euros on Neymar two years ago and won't let him leave for a fee that would leave them at a loss.

    Now the player must focus on playing his best football in Paris. It won't be easy at the beginning because many fans are rightly upset with him, but he is an experienced player with great personality and would end up overcoming this tough situation.

    Additionally, he should also play well from now on to convince other clubs to make improved offers for him if he still wishes to leave. A good Champions League campaign - better than on the two previous seasons - could be crucial for the Brazilian star lớn prove his huge value.

    Being crowned as Ligue 1 champion is too easy and won't represent a significant achievement for the club, so he must step up on Champions League.

    Spanish big three look pretty even
    Now that all transfers are done, I think that we have three very even clubs in Spain. Barcelona 1.71 are the clear favourites, with Real Madrid 3.40 and Atletico Madrid 9.40, but that trio could battle really hard for the La Liga title.

    Based on the teams' starts lớn the season, I believe any of them could end up champions. Of course, all the three could also compete lớn win the Champions League, but that's a tougher competition in which we find more qualified teams.

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