Premier League tactical news today

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    Premier League tactical news today
    Alex Keble picks out four key football tips ahead of the 29th round of Premier League fixtures, including why Burnley can add lớn Jose Mourinho's misery at Tottenham…


    Aubameyang movement to defeat defensive West yêu thích
    Arsenal v West mê say

    Saturday, 15:00

    Although West yêu thích are rejuvenated by their 3-1 victory over Southampton last weekend David Moyes will almost certainly pick a considerably less attacking line-up at the Emirates. His side have lost five away games in a row in the Premier League. West Ham's deep defensive shape isolates Sebastien Haller and will invite Arsenal lớn carefully build their way to goal as Mikel Arteta prefers- According lớn the soccer handicap tip page!

    The biggest issue for the visitors is that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is excelling from the left flank, making diagonal runs into a centre-forward position that are very difficult lớn track. His movement, coupled with that of ultra-attacking left-back Bukayo Saka, meant Arsenal repeatedly slipped through balls behind the Everton defence on that side of the pitch in the Gunners' last home game.


    West Ham's right-back, 19-year-old Jeremy Ngakia, is understandably capable of making minor errors as he gets used lớn the pace of the division. He switched off at Anfield, giving Sadio Mane a tap-in for the Liverpool winner, and he lost track of Michel Obafemi ahead of his goal last Saturday. The complexity of Arsenal's movement down that side should give them a crucial advantage.

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