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    Premier League shares
    Jason shares his thoughts on how the league is shaping up!

    As a Liverpool fan, I tend to avoid soccer tips for tomorrow on my own club as I find it lớn be the ultimate jinx. My advice when it comes lớn your own side would be lớn try betting on the opponent and I bet your team will win then! But whichever way your allegiance lies, betting on Premier League football can be a haphazard business these days. With Chelsea, Newcastle and Aston Villa all performing well below expectations, opportunities have opened up for some of the so-called smaller teams to make an impact at the right end of the table.


    West yêu thích, Crystal Palace and Leicester City are all defying the odds by occupying places in the top half of the league – and whilst this isn’t the most unusual occurrence at this stage of the season, expect them to fall away once the season starts to take its toll around Christmas.

    Leicester in particular are at risk of burn-out, as despite Claudio Ranieri’s reputation from his time at Chelsea as “The Tinkerman”, he has actually rotated his squad the least in the entire division. The Foxes have used only 23 players in their twelve league fixtures so far and despite an impressive scoring record of more than two goals per game, they have also conceded more goals than everyone else occupying the top fourteen places in the Premier League.

    Despite occupying third spot, they have somehow only accrued a goal difference of +5, and their reliance on two key players is no secret: Jamie Vardy and Riyad Marhez are responsible for twenty goals in all competitions so far this season, whilst the rest of the squad have contributed just thirteen between them- According to the soccer tip bet pages!


    Should serious injuries befall either of those two goal-sources, Leicester will struggle lớn fill the deficit – and the injury lớn Vardy on international duty this week will have plenty of their fans nervously awaiting the results of a scan. Even if injuries don’t impact directly on individuals, the gradual attrition for which the Premier League is so well-renowned will almost certainly take its toll over the course of the season.

    For this reason, expect Leicester to be sluggish when they return to domestic duty against Newcastle – so I would tip you to take Betway up on their generous 7/2 odds on the Magpies triumphing with both teams scoring, although it may also be worth taking a glance over the individual goal-scoring odds while you are at it.

    Vardy is currently favourite lớn top that chart come the end of the season at 5/2, but with so much pressure on his shoulders, take advantage of the wave of popularity that the former non-league striker is surfing by backing his direct rival for the England No. 9 Jersey, Harry Kane, who is 11/1 lớn repeat his antics of last season with the same bookmaker.

    We are only a quarter of the way through the season so far, and these dizzy heights could well seem like a distant memory come the end of the season. But having already amassed 25 points, Leicester only need another fifteen points – five wins – between now and May in order lớn survive. Whatever happens beyond that would be a bonus, but Ranieri deserves all the plaudits for his efforts so far.

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