Mong Tay Island Snorkeling Fishing Tour ( Fingernail Island Tour)

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    1. Tỉnh thành:

      Toàn Quốc
    2. Chuyên mục:

      Rao vặt
    3. Tình trạng:

      Tin mới nhất
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      0 VNĐ
    2. Địa Chỉ:

      114/129 To Ngoc Van , Go Vap ->Bản đồ
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      11 Tháng tư 2018, 0 Trả lời, 311 Đọc
  1. phuquocxanh

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    • If you are visiting Phu Quoc island, you shouldn’t miss Mong Tay island (Fingernail Island) and May Rut island in the South of Phu Quoc island. The beach was just lonely and it just looked like a postcard image. It is really small and has just the island’s jungle behind it. The sand is magnificently white, the water clear and turquoise and the view at the archipelago is just awesome. It is an awesome day for snorkelling & diving tour
      Mong Tay island Tour (Fingernail Island Tour ), the boat out to Fingernail island and May Rut island where you can snorkel and see the reef, or drop a line and have a go at fishing. Alternatively swim over to the shore and go for a walk along the beach. This is a relaxing tour out on the sea, lunch will be served on board the boat after dropping anchor at May Rut island, the 2nd island the boat will stop at.




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