Messi won the sixth Golden Ball

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    Messi won the sixth Golden Ball
    The Barcelona forward is odds-on lớn win a sixth successive Ballon D'Or after overtaking previous favourite Virgil Van Dijk in the free prediction, reports Max Liu.


    Lionel Messi is the overwhelming favourite at 1.04on the Betfair Exchange lớn win the Ballon D'Or when the award for 2019 is announced tonight.

    The Barcelona forward has won the Ballon D'Or, which is voted for by international journalists, national team coaches and captains, five times already and a sixth win would be a record.

    Messi eclipses Van Dijk in betting
    In a remarkable turnaround in the betting, Messi is now rated at 96% chance, having previously trailed Liverpool's Virgil Van Dijk in the soccer tips guide. The Dutchman, who was crucial to Liverpool's Champions League triumph in 2019, was as rated an 80% chance in September, but punters have changed their minds.

    Why that's happened is difficult to say, as Messi spent the beginning of this season injured while Van Dijk's defending has been at the heart of Liverpool's excellent start to the season in the Premier League, which they're currently 1.35 to win.

    Still, the Argentine's class is permanent as he showed with a vintage display last week against Dortmund in the Champions League and striking the winning goal against La Liga rivals Atletico Madrid at the weekend.


    Of the 30 nominees for the Ballon D'Or, 15 hail from Premier League clubs, with the likes of Mohamed Salah 80.00, Raheem Sterling 150.00 and Harry Kane 210.00 all on the list.

    Last season, when it was won by Luka Modric, was the only time in the past 11 years when the prize wasn't won be either Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. If bettors are right, though, the Ballon D'Or is on its way back to Messi in 2019.

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