How To Rent A Scooter In Vietnam?

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  1. stylemotorbikes

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    Renting a scooter will help us enjoy many new and interesting things. How to rent a scooter in Vietnam?

    Why should you rent a motorbike in Vietnam?

    Booking tours at travel companies will ensure the best safety for us. But if combined with renting a scooter will help us really experience many interesting and memorable things. Here are some reasons to choose to rent a motorbike in Vietnam.

    You can go wherever you want

    If you have ever participated in backpacking, you will understand the interesting feeling when travelling by motorbike. Enjoying the taste of the great ripe rice is great. Or the feeling of crossing the bumpy road full of gravel will create an unforgettable impression.

    Do whatever you want along the way

    If you have to travel by car, plane, train... then you can only see the surrounding scenery through the glass window. A true picture of the surrounding nature will be even more vivid if we sit on a motorbike.

    Moreover, riding a scooter also gives us the freedom to do everything as we like. You can stop driving the motorbike to capture a memorable moment, get to know the locals,….

    Save the cost when travelling

    When choosing to rent a scooter, we have implemented the most cost-effective solution when travelling.
    Important steps before renting a motorbike, you need to keep in mind to avoid unnecessary troubles

    - Contact the store in advance to ask about service prices, scooter rental procedures to prepare in advance. Depending on the region, the procedure can be simple (reset ID card, passport) or a bit more complicated (deposit with money).

    - Be clear about how to calculate the rental scooter time to avoid misunderstandings, depending on the store will have different timing.

    - Check the location of the store compared to the nearest gas station, if the distance is far, you can ask the store to help fill up gasoline (or fill a specific level depending on the expected distance travelled by you) before delivery. The cost of refilling may be included in the rental price.

    - Ask the store to prepare good quality helmets, check vehicle quality before handing over to customers. Prepare a scooter rental agreement or copies of vehicle documents to bring along the road.

    Notes when you hand over the scooter

    - Preliminary examination of the vehicle's appearance, taking photos or recording clips of pre-existing damaged areas.

    - Visually inspect the tire wear and brake shoe wear. Test of driving the vehicle to check the brake to see if it is appropriate. Check for horns, turn signals, headlights for problems. If any, please ask the store to repair or change another vehicle.

    Hopefully, the information shared above can help you answer questions about the experience of renting a scooter in Vietnam. In addition, to have a smooth trip you should not ignore the prestigious motorbike rental address: We have a wide source of information on motorcycle routes, things to do, the best time of year to visit, weather, and more.


    Contact Hanoi Store: 40 Nguyen Sieu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

    PHONE: (+84)24 6254 3796

    Contact HCM Store: 368 Vo Van Kiet, Quan 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    PHONE: (+84)28 6683 3796

    Contact Hoi An Store: 314 Cua Dai, Hoi An, Vietnam

    PHONE: (+84)23 5651 2046

    Contact Hue Store: 45 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue, Vietnam

    PHONE: (+84)91 513 9796



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