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Ho Chi Minh Car Rental

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      Toàn Quốc
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      Rao vặt
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      Tin mới nhất
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      0 VNĐ
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  1. Ho Chi Minh city is one of the biggest city in Vietnam where is knew as a main center of economy, political, culture, education in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city ( old name Saigon ) is not a capital of Vietnam.
    As you know Hanoi is a capital of Vietnam where has just six million of the population in the North while Ho Chi Minh city has more than ten million of the population includes 40% is a Vietnamese, 30% Cambodian (Khmer) then Chinese.

    Saigon also knew as a main gate of the international trading for all people to Vietnam,from Ho Chi Minh city travel to Phnompenh Cambodia ( from 245 km ) by the taxi, car, van or local bus and not to far to the Sea area (Vung tau, Mui ne beach).

    Booking for Ho Chi Minh car rental with basic English speaking driver to getting around the town from 65$US/day. Go now with us.

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