Graeme Le Saux: One last chance for Chelsea to salvage their season

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  1. thanhthuy02

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    Graeme Le Saux: One last chance for Chelsea to salvage their season
    Chelsea legend Graeme Le Saux takes a look at Saturday's FA Cup final free soccer daily tip where his former club will attempt lớn take down Manchester United and put the silver lining on a grey season…


    Chelsea have got one final chance to give the fans something lớn enjoy over the break and to play to a standard and a togetherness that shows they are hungry to come back next season with a better approach.

    The manner in which they lost to Newcastle was awful, they got well beaten and if they're unable to motivate themselves as a group lớn go out and play like it means everything to them then they will be criticised and rightly so.

    There's creativity on the pitch but will they be allowed lớn play?
    Manchester United have not been particularly entertaining this season but they are still very functional which makes them very hard lớn break down- According lớn the soccer tips group page!

    My fear for Saturday is they both come out and sit back and wait for the other side to make the running so it's vital the creative players go out and really take control of the game from the very start.


    With guys like Hazard, Willian if he starts, Giroud and Pedro for Chelsea, Sanchez who was brilliant in the semi against Spurs, alongside Pogba if he's on form, Mata, Martial and Rashford, there are certainly plenty of exciting players on the pitch to give us a great Cup final.

    Conte can't play down questions about future
    I think for Chelsea, from the manager's point of view, the board and the club on the whole they're just desperate for the season lớn end and lớn be able lớn just pull down the shutters and stop the chatter from outside even for a couple of weeks.

    Although of course that's probably not going lớn happen, with a decision on Antonio Conte's future at the club likely to be a big story until we know what's going on.

    Conte will be trying desperately lớn keep everything focused on the game, but I think it's a struggle and in the press conference before the Newcastle game he was really downbeat. I'm sure it's very draining because he's trying to deal with his usual responsibilities plus the circus that's surrounded him for months now.

    Cannot see Poch going west
    As for rumours around Mauricio Pochettino going south from Spurs to Chelsea - well I just can't see that happening. He's a fantastic coach and I respect him massively and believe he could walk into any job in European football. The next step for him is lớn win some trophies here and if he were lớn leave I'm sure that would be a big priority for him. But I really can't see him going anywhere at the moment

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