Football Bet of the Day: Pescara to put on a show

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    Football Bet of the Day: Pescara to put on a show
    Tobias Gourlay's dipping into the Italian second tier and hoping lớn come up with a few goals- According to the website free soccer tips pages!


    Pescara v Trapani

    Sunday 14:00

    In Scotland yesterday, Celtic didn't go quite as wild as we'd hoped at Celtic Park. The hosts beat Aberdeen 2-1, but didn't really capitalise on the visitors playing a lot of the second half with 10 men and left us short of the handicap mark.

    We've come lớn Italy today for the Serie B match between 13th-placed Pescara and 19th-placed Trapani. The hosts drew their last home soccer tips guide 2-2 with 17th-placed Venezia and we like the price on them landing Over hai.5 Goals again this afternoon.

    Since the start of this season, Luciano Zauri's Dolphins have delivered Over hai.5 Goals in 6/8 league games at the Stadio Adriatico. They have scored themselves in 7/8, while notching just a couple of clean sheets.


    The visiting Maroons have been similarly prolific in their away games. In their first season back at this level, Trapani are yet lớn keep a clean sheet on their travels, conceding more away goals (19 in eight games) than anyone else in the league. At the other end, they have scored in 5/8 and we reckon they can help make contribution towards today's Over hai.5 Goals punt.

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