Fishing & Snorkeling South Phu Quoc Island Tour

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    1. Tỉnh thành:

      Toàn Quốc
    2. Chuyên mục:

      Rao vặt
    3. Tình trạng:

      Tin mới nhất
    1. Giá bán :

      0 VNĐ
    2. Địa Chỉ:

      114/129 To Ngoc Van , Go Vap ->Bản đồ
    3. Thông Tin:

      11 Tháng tư 2018, 0 Trả lời, 249 Đọc
  1. phuquocxanh

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    • Fishing & Snorkeling South Phu Quoc Island Tour is one of interesting tours in Phu Quoc. This is an activity which many visitors join in when they come to Phu Quoc. Everything you have to do that is visiting, go swimming, fishing and snorkelling at the beautiful An Thoi islands.
      From the November to the March in next year is the best time for fishing & snorkeling south Phu Quoc island tour. The ocean at An Thoi islands is quite transparent so you can see coral more easier. For an extra US$17 including shuttle bus, local tour guide, a water bottle, boat tranfer, fishing and snorkeling equipment and a delicious meal on the boat. Just go and enjoy!

      If you’re serious about snorkelling, we highly recommend you go with a reputable tourism company rather than one of the other cheap boat tours. You also have a nice trip with excellent equipment, personable staff and a comfortable boat that had a pleasant upper sun deck.
    A corner of Sao Beach in Phu Quoc island

    Visitors enjoy in fishing & snorkeling south Phu Quoc island tour

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