A Day South in Phu Quoc Island Sightseeing Tour

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    1. Tỉnh thành:

      Toàn Quốc
    2. Chuyên mục:

      Rao vặt
    3. Tình trạng:

      Tin mới nhất
    1. Giá bán :

      0 VNĐ
    2. Địa Chỉ:

      114/129 To Ngoc Van , Go Vap ->Bản đồ
    3. Thông Tin:

      11 Tháng tư 2018, 0 Trả lời, 266 Đọc
  1. phuquocxanh

    phuquocxanh Member

    One day on the South Island of Phu Quoc Visit the southern island, You can experience exciting activities, such as: visiting Sao beach,pearl Farm , Sim Wine … In the your free time, enjoy the pristine natural environment of the island, surf on the beautiful beaches and swim in warm turquoise waters. To the south of the island, in the beach, in the beach

      • Pickup and drop off.
      • Car on tour and transfer guests to restaurants for lunches
      • 1 mineral water/pax on second day on tour.
      • Tour guide.
      • Entrance fee first on

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